Types of Lawn Mowers

February 28, 2011

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What type of  lawn mower do you need for your particular lawn?

When considering the kind of lawn mower you need to purchase, examine the following objectives:

  • The size of your lot
  • The type of grass that you are cutting and the growing conditions of your area
  • Your age, health and physical stamina


These are the types of lawnmowers you can choose from:

  • Reel mowers – these are manual type lawn mowers suitable for small lots. They are safe, quiet, low maintenance and non-polluting. These manual lawn mowers also provide a vigorous aerobic workout.
  • Rotary mowers  – electric, AC line, or battery powered rotary mowers are usually quieter than gasoline powered machines. They are also very convenient to use and store, low maintenance, and most importantly, are non-polluting. One disadvantage of these machines is that they are limited by cord length or by the battery charge. Another disadvantage is that the electric or battery powered mowers tend to be less powerful than similar machines that use a small gas engine.
  • Rotary mowers – gasoline powered rotary mowers are the most commonly used lawn mower machines in the US.  Gas powered lawn mowers are convenient although a bit noisy, require some maintenance, and do cause some pollution.

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