Lawn Mower Spring Tune Up

March 2, 2011

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To keep your lawn mower running seamlessly and without trouble, it is important to tune up your machine at the beginning of the busy spring season.

Tips for tuning up your lawn mower for spring:

Recommended lawn mower engine oil

Recommended lawn mower engine oil

Before using your lawn mower for the first time this spring, make sure to change the oil. The is inexpensive, easy to do, but will make a huge difference in the performance of your lawn mower engine.  To change the oil, take off the drain funnel, unscrew the plug and drain the oil into a bucket or into a plastic milk jug. Once the oil has been drained, replace the plug and fill your lawn mower engine with fresh oil that is recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of the old oil at the nearest lube shop or recycling center.

Lawn mower engine spark plug

Lawn mower engine spark plug

To keep your gas engine running smoothly, trouble free and to help it consume less gasoline, change the spark plug before you start using your machine on a regular basis this spring.

Lawn mower belt

Lawn mower belt

If your lawn mower has belts, make sure to check them for tension and condition. Lawn mower belts should have a snug fit and not be worn, old or starting to fray because old belts can lead to serious trouble in the future. Belts are easy and inexpensive to replace.

On riding lawnmowers, make sure the tires on your machine are properly aired.

On riding lawn mowers, make sure that the battery is charged.

Your lawnmower is now ready for spring!

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