Lawn Mower Engine Smoking

March 14, 2011

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Gas Engine Carburetor Kit

Gas Engine Carburetor Kit

If your lawn mower engine starts to smoke when you turn your machine on, pay attention to the color of the smoke.
Is the smoke coming out of the lawn mower exhaust blue or black?
  • If the smoke coming out of your 4-stroke gas engine is blue, this could mean that oil has leaked into the combustion chamber,  maybe when  the lawn mower was tipped on its side. Another possibility is that the operator incorrectly used a 2-stroke engine fuel mixture on your 4-stroke engine. A small amount of blue smoke is normal in a 2-stroke engine, but a lot of blue smoke could be an alert that the oil to fuel mixture ratio is incorrect and that there is too much oil.
  • Black smoke pouring out of the exhaust of your lawn mower engine could be an indication  that the air-fuel mixture is too rich and that there is too much fuel. Make sure that the choke on your engine is fully open. If the choke is fully open and the black smoke is still spewing out, you may have a carburetor problem.
If you need more information, or if you need a carburetor kit (carburetor kit includes mounting gaskets and fuel selenoid) visit our partners at
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