Lawn Mower Won’t Start

April 6, 2011

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When you parked your lawn mower in your garage for the winter, it was working fine. Spring has finally arrived and grass is starting to grow. Time to dig out the lawn mower, but when you do, the machine won’t start.

What happened?

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The first question to ask is whether the gas in your lawn mower engine has gone bad. This could have easily happened as the shelf life of gasoline is only a couple of months.

Drain the gas from the lawnmower engine and replace it with fresh gas.  Many lawnmower engines have gas in a bowl, so make sure you drain all the gas before starting your engine again.

What should you do next Fall? Drain the tank of your lawn mower, then run the engine until the bowl is empty.  Another thing you can do is pour  gas preservative or fuel stabilizer into your engine before putting your machine away for the winter.

If the lawnmower engine keeps stuttering more and more until it stops or won’t start at all, the filter is probably dirty.

The filter is easy to forget, because it’s not visible to remind you that it needs to be cleaned or replaced.  You might have cleaned your machine on the outside, but the engine might be starved for air, because the air can’t penetrate the filter through all the dirt.

There are different kinds of lawn mower engine filters:

The foam filters or pre cleaners, come out and can be cleaned easily with a little bit of hot soapy water. Clean the filter, wring it out, then put a bit of motor oil (or the official filter solution) on the foam.  Wring it out again and reassemble.

Air filters are made of paper and they are harder to clean.

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