Summer Lawn Care Advice

June 7, 2011

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Summer season is the time when we hope to spend more time outside, on our lawn.

Here are a few easy tips for keeping your lawn healthy, lush and beautiful throughout the summer months:

  • Raise the mowing height on your lawn mower and you will be less likely to scalp your lawn. Without scalping, you will have fewer problems with weed encroachment allowing the grass roots to grow deeper, healthier and more resistant to drought.
  • Make sure the blade on your lawn mower is very sharp – dull lawn mower blade pulls grass roots out and destroys your lawn. Sharpen or replace your lawn blade as needed.
Lawn Mower Blade Parts

Lawn Mower Blade Parts

  • Manage high traffic areas by applying more fertilizer to places that you know will get extra use. You can also protect heavily used areas with crumb rubber from used tires allowing the lawn to grow and grass roots to deepen.
  • Use products containing carfentrozone to protect your lawn against summer broadleaf. Herbicides that control the broadleaf weeds during spring and fall, don’t necessarily work during the summer months.
  • A light dose of urea is an easy and effective way to green up your lawn in the summer. Make sure not to go above this recommended application ratio, and remember that the product’s effects will last about 2-3 weeks. Using too much urea can burn your lawn.

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