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August 15, 2011

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Leaf Blower Parts, Repair Help and more

Leaf Blower Parts, Repair Help and more

Leaf blowers are perfect tools for landscape professionals or for anyone physically unable to handle the strain of raking leaves.

Leaf blowers are versatile power tools.

In addition to blowing leaves and cleaning grass off paths and driveways, most are able to do outdoor vacuuming, gutter cleaning and snow blowing.

Some leaf blowers provide mulching mechanisms or direct connections from blower to trash can. Others include handy backpacks that make this tool even easier and more comfortable to use.

Useful tips for operating a leaf blower with ease, comfort and  efficiency:

  • Take a rest if your leaf blower starts to vibrate. Continuing vibration takes a toll on hands and arms, tiring the user as much as any rake.
  • You should only blow leafs on completely dry days. Rain and moisture cause the leaves to stick to each other making the job harder, more time consuming and less efficient.
  • Wear safe outdoor clothing, gloves and ear and eye protection.
  • Pile all the leaves in a secluded area or corner that is easily accessible from all sides of your yard.
  • Move smaller piles of leaves at a time, slowly blowing the pile towards the tarp and the collection area.
  • Have a tarp and leaf paper bags ready for pickup. Paper bags decompose so they are low impact and environmentally friendly.
  • Public leaf pickup is available in most cities and towns on scheduled days during the leaf pickup season (usually from September through December.)
  • Clean and maintain your leaf blower and it will last you for many seasons. All parts, repair help and maintenance information are available at this excellent resource.
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