Mulching Your Lawn

September 26, 2011

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Mulching your lawn helps keep your grass healthy, hydrated and naturally fertilized.

Here is what you need to know about mulching your lawn:

  • Mulching mowers are equipped with a special mulching blade that cuts the grass first, then returns the finely cut clippings to the lawn through repeated cut and re-cut motion.
Mulching blades for every lawn mower type and brand

Mulching blades for every lawn mower type and brand

  • For best cutting performance (and to avoid pulling out or damaging grass roots,) your mulching blade should always be kept sharp.
Tips on how to change the blade on your lawn mower.

Video tips on how to change the blade on your lawn mower

  • When cutting, lawn mower operators need to mow slowly and provide their machine enough time to finely cut the grass so it doesn’t leave large clumps of insufficiently mulched clipping all over the lawn.
  • When done right, grass clippings fertilize the soil with unprocessed nourishment and provide ground cover to hold precious moisture.
  • Grass clippings can harness up to 80% water and 5% nitrogen that fertilizes your lawn continuously.
  • Mulching reduces the amount of chemical fertilizer people apply to their lawns.
  • Mulching eliminates the need for bagging and disposing of grass clippings.
  • Be careful that clippings are finely cut and redistributed all over the lawn – excessive build-up of clippings can promote development of thatch in the lawn.
  • Mowing frequently and cutting less than 1″ of the grass blade (preferably 1/2″ to 3/4″) allows faster decomposition of clippings.
  • Grass should never be cut when wet – mulching process will not work, grass cannot be finely distributed, and there will be clumpy mounds left all over your lawn.

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