How to Tune Up a Snowblower

October 20, 2011

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To ensure a trouble-free snow season, and lengthen the life of your equipment, tune up your snow blower at the beginning of each winter.

Maintaining your small engine as well as inspecting various parts of the snow blower – the belts, scraper bar, rubber paddles, screws and bolts, will keep your snow blower performing optimally as well as make the responsibility of keeping your driveway and sidewalks clean a lot more manageable.

Here are a few useful tips to follow for regular snow blower maintenance so your equipment will run smoothly and without unpredictable surprises:

  • Empty old gas from the fuel tank and refill tank with 87 or higher octane gasoline – after you have finished your tune up.
  • Don’t fill fuel tank with more gas than you will be using in 30 days.
  • To inspect the snow blower scraper bar for wear and tear, tip your machine on its side. The scraper bar works hard to scrape the snow from the ground thus wearing out faster and needing to will be periodically replaced.
Snow blower scraper blades for most types and brands of snow blowers

Snow blower scraper blades

  • Inspect the rubber around the auger blade by placing your finger between the two. If you can fit your finger between the two parts, it’s time to replace the rubber for better performance.
Snowblower Auger Blade Rubber Parts - most brands and models

Snowblower auger blade rubber parts

  • A loose screw or bolt can cause much greater damage so make sure to check and tighten all screws and bolts on your machine.
Snowblower bolts, screws, nuts, spacers, clips, and more

Snowblower bolts, screws, nuts, spacers, clips, and more

  • Take off the belt cover. Inspect snow blower belts for breaks and impairments and replace if necessary.
Snowblower Belts - most brands and models

Snowblower belts

  • Check the pulleys to ensure that they are not loose. If pulleys are loose, tighten them. If damaged, pulleys need to be replaced.
Snowblower Idler Pulley

Snowblower idler pulley

  • If your snow blower has a four-stroke engine, the oil is not mixed in with the gas, so an oil change is necessary at least once a year.
Snowblower Engine Tune Up Kit

Snowblower engine tune up kit

  • Replacing the spark plug at the beginning of the season will ensure easier starting of your small engine.
Snowblower Engine Spark Plug

Snowblower engine spark plug

  • After refilling your snow blower with gas, start the machine and let it run for a few minutes – if any old gas is left over, this will burn it out of the fuel lines or the carburetor.

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