Solutions to Common Leaf Blower Problems

October 24, 2011

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Leaf Blower Parts, Tips and Repair Advice

Leaf Blower Parts, Tips and Repair Advice

Powered by small engines, leaf blowers generate a forceful air flow that blows leaves, debris and dirt from residential and commercial lawns and driveways.

Leaf blowers are available in both electric and gas models.

Leaf blower small engines are fairly straightforward, small and long lasting and they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Even with these simple machines, though, you might run into occasional difficulty so knowing how to troubleshoot and fix your leaf blower will prevent professional (and costly) repairs.

Here are a few useful tips about common leaf blower issues that you can easily take care of yourself:

Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

  • Make sure the leaf blower fuel tank contains the right amount of gas. If the tank has a fill line, use it as a measuring point. If there is no fill line, fill the tank close to the top.
  • If you can smell gas as you are trying to start the leaf blower engine, your machine is probably flooded. Move the choke throttle to the low run position and pull the starter rope over and over again until the leaf blower engine starts.
  • If the leaf blower still won’t start and you keep smelling gas,  inspect for kinked, bent and looped fuel lines.
  • If fuel lines seem fine, but you still smell gas, take the leaf blower to a professional technician to diagnose the problem.
  • Check the spark plug for indication of rust, dirt or corrosion. If spark plug is not in good condition, replace with a new one.
Leaf Blower Engine Spark Plug Parts

Leaf Blower Engine Spark Plug Parts

  • Pull out the leaf blower air filter and inspect for leaves, dirt and garden debris. Clean the air filter or replace if necessary.
Leaf Blower Air Filters

Leaf Blower Air Filters

Electric Powered Leaf Blowers

  • If electric leaf blower won’t start, first check the power cord for signs of wear and damage. Also check to make sure that the outdoor outlet is in working order.
  • Reset the circuit breaker if the outlet still won’t work .
  • If your leaf blower is battery-powered, make sure to use a manufacturer approved charger. Charge the battery if necessary.
  • If there is a grinding noise coming out of the leaf blower engine, consult a professional technician.

Leaf Blower Parts, Maintenance Advice, Repair Videos, Tips and more

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