How to Replace a Snowblower Belt

November 2, 2011

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The belt on your snowblower is made of rubber so over time it wear out, lose its elasticity and can easily snap or break – sometimes in the middle of a snow clearing job.

Snowblower belts for most snow blower models, brands and types

Snowblower belts for most snow blower models, brands and types

Without a working belt, your snow blower cannot run, so knowing how to change a snowblower belt is essential for any user and will save you lots of hassle, time and money.

Lean with these few simple steps how to replace the belt on your snowblower:

  • Make sure that your snowblower is turned off, the auger not engaged and the machine completely at rest.
  • To expose the auger, around which the belt is fastened, take off the cover on your snowblower motor. The belt stretches from behind the motor cover to the motor which is located on the side of the machine.
  • Unscrew screws that are holding the cover secure, then pull the cover off the motor.
  • Loosen the belt, then pull it off the auger which is larger (and the lower) of the two gears around which the belt is suspended.
  • Remove the belt from the motor, which is the upper gear.
  • Replace the new belt, slipping it onto the motor, ensuring that it is resting inside the tracks of the motor.
  • You should slightly stretch the belt so can pull it over and around the auger.
  • Place back the motor cover securing all the required screws.
  • Your snowblower should work like new!

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