How to Prevent Snowblower Clogging

November 14, 2011

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Snowblowers are very convenient machines for homeowners who live in cold and snowy climates – and help make the task of snow removal a lot less daunting.

How do snowblowers work?

A good way to think about snowblowers is analogues to lawn mowers for snow removal.

Snowblower auger carves a snow passage in the area that you are clearing and discharges the snow to the side of the path through a side chute.

Snowblower Auger Parts for most brands and models

Snowblower Auger Parts for most brands and models

When clearing heavy, slushy, icy snow too quickly, your snowblower can get clogged – causing the auger to work too hard and wearing out the snowblower shear pin.

Snowblower Shear Pin Parts for most brands and models

Snowblower Shear Pin Parts for most brands and models

You can take easy, sensible steps to avoid your snowblower from clogging. Here are a few techniques to try:

  • Remove any obstructions that can get stuck in your machine (such as rocks, door mats, snow toys, shoes, sleds, etc.) out of the snowblowers path.
  • Allow the engine to warm up for a few minutes before engaging the auger, then start by clearing the area with the least amount of snow.
  • Move your snowblower forward at a slow, steady pace, never forcing it through the snow path.
  • Allow your snowblower auger to propel the snowblower forward and to dictate the pace of snow clearing according to the condition, temperature and quality of snow.
  • If your snowblower starts to vibrate unreasonably, release the auger handle and pull the machine back from the area that might be causing it. ¬†Excessive vibration is frequently a sign that the auger is beginning to clog. Once you move your snowblower out of the snow pack, reengage the auger so it can discharge the snow through the chute.
  • Avoid pushing your snowblower through heavy slush – because slush is heavier than snow and causes excessive stress on the snowblower auger.

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