How to Replace a Snowblower Scraper

December 1, 2011

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If you keep the scraper bar – located on the back of your snowblower – in good shape, your equipment will be more efficient in clearing snow and will save you time, money and energy in the long run.

Snowblower scraper blade - for most brands, types and models of snowblowers

Snowblower scraper blades - available for most brands, types and models of snowblowers

If your snowblower scraper is bent, worn or broken, you need to replace it with a new part.

This excellent outdoor power equipment resource provides parts, videos, repair help and more for most types, brands and models of snowblowers.

Enter the model number of your particular snowblower in the search box so you can find the replacement scraper bar that perfectly matches your machine.

Order the part and it will be shipped to you the same day. If the part is not satisfactory, you have 365 days to return it, no questions asked.

Here are directions on replacing your snowblower scraper:

  • Turn your snowblower off.
  • Angle your snowblower forward so you can easily reach the scraper which is fastened to the back of your snowblower.
  • Using a socket ratchet, unscrew the four bolts that hold the scraper in place.
  • Take the old scraper off and replace it with a new scraper, then tighten the new scraper in place with the four bolts.
  • You are ready to clear snow!


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