How to Clean the Carburetor on a Small Gas Engine

February 20, 2012

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If the small engine on your outdoor power equipment has spent a long season idling in the garage (lawn mower in the winter, snowblower in the summer)  the fuel might grow old and stale and a small gas engine carburetor can become clogged with gummy, coagulated gas.

If the carburetor becomes blocked and obstructed, then fuel will not be able to flow into the engine, preventing the engine from running or starting in the first place.

Before you use your small engine, is a good practice to clean the carburetor as a matter of routine, and you will save money and stress on possible expensive maintenance later.

Carburetor Choke Cleaner

Carburetor Choke Cleaner

Cleaning your small gas engine carburetor is not difficult or complicated for most DIYers to do.

To release the carburetor, press the clamp holding the gas hose, then slide the clamp several inches down pulling the hose off the side and directing it into a bucket to catch any gas that might flow out.

Spray the carburetor with a cleaner for a few seconds, then reattach the hose and clamp it into place.

Unscrew the the carburetor fuel bowl and pour the old gas into the bucket. Spray carburetor cleaner both into the fuel bowl and above it, into the area where the float needle is attached. When done, bolt the fuel bowl back into place.

If the carburetor on your small gas engine is worn, old or beyond cleaning, you can rebuild it with a carburetor rebuild kit.

Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Carburetor Rebuild Kit

If your carburetor is beyond repair, replace with a new part.

Carburetor for Small Gas Engine

Carburetor for Small Gas Engine

More small engine parts, repair videos, maintenance help, and more for most small engine types, models and brands.

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