Lawn Mower Spring Tune-Up

March 8, 2012

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Prepare your lawn mower for the busy spring mowing season by making sure that your machine is clean and properly maintained.

Follow these easy maintenance and tune up tips and you will get your lawn mower ready and working without problems and at its best potential.

The best way to wake your lawn mower out of its sleeper state is to do a complete outdoor power equipment seasonal tune up. This includes: oil change, spark plug replacement, and replacement or cleaning of the air filter. Most moderately handy owners can perform the tune up themselves, and referring to the owner’s manual will help in this task. You can also take your lawn mower to an authorized service center to do the tune up for you.

Tune up kit for every lawn mower

Tune up kit for every lawn mower

Thoroughly inspect, then clean the lawn mower blade. For optimal mowing, the blade needs to be sharp and straight, and while a dull or bent blade will still cuts grass, it will cut unevenly or pull the grass roots out completely and damage your lawn. A dull blade should be sharpened professionally, but if the blade is bent, it needs to be replaced.

Blades for most models, types and brands of lawnmowers

Blades for most models, types and brands of lawnmowers

All parts of your lawn mower should be thoroughly washed and cleaned and all grass and garden debris removed. Also, make sure to remove old gas left over in the tank from the previous season and don’t forget to wipe away any oil or gas spills.

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