Lawn Mower Spring To-Do List

March 30, 2012

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To ensure longest life, fewest repairs and best emission results from you lawn mower – these are the tasks you need to complete before the onset of the busy lawn mowing season:

Easy steps to a beautiful lawn!

Easy steps to a beautiful lawn!

  • Clean your lawn mower well of all dirt, dust, garden debris, etc.
  • Check the air filter on your lawn mower to make sure that it is clean and can prevent dust and grass from getting into the engine, clogging it up and causing trouble. If your machine uses a paper air filter you definitively need to replace it. If your machine uses a foam pre-filter,  you can wash it with soapy water – if the filter is in good shape, but replace it if it looks worn out.
  • Check the spark plug on your lawn mower and replace once per year.
  • Drain the old engine oil from your lawn mower and replace with fresh engine oil. Make sure to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations, but the frequency of doing this will depending on how often you use your machine.

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