Install a Portable Generator

June 25, 2012

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People are recognizing more and more that owning a portable generator in not a luxury but an ever greater necessity.

With greater frequency of extreme weather in all parts of the US, installing a portable generator in your home becomes not only a great investment but also a source of comfort and safety.

NOTE: portable generators emit carbon monoxide and can only be installed outdoors, far away from open windows and doors of your house.

How to install a portable generator in your house?

Always remember to take safety precautions when working with portable generators or any other equipment that uses gas or other explosive substance.

Before you start the installation, decide where the generator will be placed, then turn off the natural gas source to your home. Again, remember that the generator should never be installed indoors whether in the garage, basement or near windows and doors. If your portable generator uses natural gas, check to ensure that the connection is near where you plan to place the unit.

Next, you need to prepare the ground where you will be installing the generator. Depending on the size of your unit, you will need to remove 10 to 20 square feet of dirt, then compact the soil, and add a layer of stone or sand. You need to create a flat, settled and firm area for your generator.

After pressure testing your natural gas line to ensure that it works properly, connect it to the generator and tighten the gas line with a wrench.

Turn the gas back on.  To test whether the generator is working properly, turn off the electric power breaker in your home to simulate a power outage. Turn on your new portable generator unit to see if it works. The generator should turn on right away. Don’t forget to turn the electricity in your home back on and turn your generator off. It will be ready for you when you need it!

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