Keep Leaf Blower Carburetor Clean

October 10, 2012

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Leaf Blower PartsLeaf blowers get dirty fast from all kinds of garden debris: dust, flying leaves, dirt, pebbles, sticks, etc.  If not cleaned at regular intervals, your leaf blower will not perform at its best capacity.

You should keep every part of your machine clean, but pay special attention to cleaning the leaf blower carburetor.  Carburetor is the part of the leaf blower that protects the engine and when clean allows your machine to start easier, as well as have a more powerful and smoother performance.

If maintained properly, your leaf blower will last a long time. If you notice that cleaning the carburetor is not helping its performance, replace the old leaf blower carburetor for a new part. Your machine will work like new.

Step-by-step instructions on how to clean your leaf blower carburetor:

  • Remove carburetor from machine and place in metal pan filled with carburetor cleaner. Soak carburetor in cleaner for ten minutes or so.
  • After soaking, retrieve carburetor, drain the cleaner and wipe off the outside dry with a clean rag.
  • Using pressurized air, blow out any carburetor cleaner that has been left in the inner passages of the carburetor.
  • Spray carburetor cleaner through the pickup orifice, but make sure to block the low and high mixture screw holes with your fingers first, so it doesn’t flood the carburetor.
  • Blow pressurized air through the orifice to dry carburetor.
  • Reassemble carburetor and your leaf blower should work like new.
  • If your leaf blower still has trouble with starting or does not have a smooth performance, replace old leaf blower carburetor for a new one.
  • A clean, well maintained carburetor keeps your leaf blower engine from getting clogged up and damaged and working well and lasting a long time.

Happy Fall!

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