Prepare Lawnmower for Winter Storage

October 23, 2012

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Lawnmower parts and informationProper maintenance of your lawn mower will ensure that your lawn mower lasts a long time, as well as enable your machine to wake up in the spring, when you need it most, without any problems.

Here are the steps you need to take to maintain your small engine in the proper way and prepare it for long winter storage:

How to clean your lawn mower:

  • Thoroughly and carefully clean your lawn mower by turning it on one side so that you can reach under the deck. Use a dull knife to scrape all dirt and garden debris off the bottom of your lawn mower deck and the grass clippings chute. Once done scraping, spray deck with all purpose cleaner and let soak for a few minutes, then wash your machine thoroughly using a hose. Dry the deck with rags, then spray all under deck surfaces with lubricant WD-40.
  • Once done with the lawn mower deck, turn your machine upright and clean all exposed surfaces on the top side. Make sure to especially clean hidden surfaces beneath the lawn mower engine and the air filter housing. Clean engine cooling fins by covering a knife blade with a rag and inserting between fins to scrape accumulated oil and dirt, grass and garden residue. Just like you did wit the bottom of lawn mower, spray all exposed surfaces on top with all purpose cleaner, wait a few minutes, then rinse everything thoroughly with your garden hose. Carefully dry your lawn mower with rags, then add a protective coating of car wax.

How to drain gasoline and oil from lawn mower:

  • It is very important to remove any remaining gasoline from the fuel tank so it doesn’t go stale over the long winter months. Start by removing the cap off the small engine, tilt the mower to its side and pour out the remaining fuel into an old bucket. Use a paper towel to wipe the the tank clean, then run the engine until it stops.
  • To drain old engine oil, remove plug from the bottom of the crankcase and pour old oil into a plastic pan. Some lawn mowers drain oil through the filler tube so if this is the case with your machine, removing the filler cap and tilt your machine upside down, then drain oil into the pan.

NOTE: It is very important that old oil be disposed of safely and properly at recycling centers or auto parts stores that provide this service. Find out more.

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