How to Restart a Flooded Small Engine

January 17, 2013

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If the small engine on your snowblower or lawn mower won’t  start even after repeated tries, the most likely explanation is that the engine has been flooded.

What happened? Because the engine has been restarted a number of times the carburetor flooded with gas –  instead of injecting a mist of gas into the piston chamber it is now dripping too much gas into it – so the engine is unable to fire properly.

To restart the small engine after if has flooded, this is what you need to do:

  • You need to open the butterfly valve in your small engine to allow air to get in and counter the surplus of gas in the piston chamber.
  • Unscrew the air filter cover from your small engine, take off the cover and remove the air filter, then open the valve by using a flathead screwdriver. This will allow air to get and and counter the surplus of gas in the engine.
  • Restart the engine by turning the key or pulling the start handle until it starts.  Let the engine run for a few minutes so that the extra gasoline can burn away.
  • Shut off your machine, then reinstall the air filter and screw the air filter cover back on.
  • Your machine is ready to run!

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