Snowblower Won’t Start?

February 1, 2013

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It you have trouble starting your snowblower the first thing to do is check a very small and inexpensive part – the snowblower spark plug.

A defective spark plug is the most common cause of small engine failure.

Even if your engine is working without a problem, you should replace the spark plug on your show blower once per season. The effectiveness and performance of this important part degrades over time because of carbon build-up and diminishment of electrodes in the center of the plug. The aging and wearing out of the spark plug causes the fuel mixture not to fully burn out, increasing emissions into the atmosphere.

Make sure that the new spark plug is exactly same type and model number as the one that you are replacing. If you install a different type of spark plug you can cause problems and possible damage to your snowblower engine.

Follow these three easy steps in replacing the spark plug on your snowblower:

1. Find the model number on your snowblower so that you’ll be sure to get the right spark plug for your brand and type of machine:

Snowblower Model Number Finder

2. Find the right spark plug for your snowblower – make sure to enter the model number of your machine:

Find parts for your snowblower type and brand

3. Watch this helpful snowblower repair video on how your machine works and the best way to care for and maintain it:

How Snowblower Works Video

For snow blower parts, repair help, informational videos, maintenance tips and more, visit this excellent online snowblower parts resource.

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