How to Use Your Snowblower Safely

February 11, 2014

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To ensure safe and trouble-free use of your snowblower,  keep these helpful tips in mind:

Everything you need to know about your snowblower

  • Find our how your snowblower works and how to keep it properly maintained.
  • Before using your snowblower check to make sure that there is no damage to any of the components. Damaged, broken, dented or worn out snowblower parts should be replaced with new parts.
  • Protect your eyesight and hearing by using protective eyewear and ear protection.
  • To protect against breakaway ice and debris use a snowblower enclosure.
  • As it takes a while for the engine to shut down, never place your hands near the snowblower engine right after using your machine.
  • To clear snow and ice from the snowblower chute or auger use a small shovel or the end of a broom.
  • Wear loose clothing but always tuck pants into your boots.
  • Never remove or readjust manufacturer safety features from your snowblower.
  • Regularly check tire air pressure on your snowblower and fill tires with air as needed.
  • To prevent accidents, keep children and pets indoors when using your snowblower.

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